Nearly twenty years of experience has accumulated a wealth of experience in all kinds of cargo movements, from common to utmost complicacy and Mortrans has proved to be a reliable, skilled and knowledgeable partner for importers and exporters to and from the Russian Federation and FSU.

The philosophy of the MORTRANS Group is customer focus, individual approach targeting on efficient transport solutions.

A brief description of MORTRANS professional activities:

  • movements of heavy-lift/extra-size/project and other special cargoes to/from Russia worldwide;
  • Chartering of all types of tonnage;
  • Consultancy in transportation and all related matters including problem solving;
  • General freight forwarding to/from Russia worldwide;
  • door-to-door delivery;
  • Services related to Transportation: organization of customs clearance, insurance, survey, elaboration and approval of lashing projects, assistance in pre-arbitrage and arbitrage matters in Russia, etc.

Having a thorough knowledge of local rules, regulations and equipment, we also have wide and friendly relations with numerous local decision making people. This helps us to render the valuable assistance to our Clients helping in avoiding possible troubles, which may arise in Russia/FSU in points of connections with different services and interests, such as Customs, Stevedores, Rail/Vessel/Trucks, Consignee etc. We offer a free consultancy service to our Clients, relative to miscellaneous business matters, that you may have and are not simply limited to the subject of transport

Using the many years of experience gained by the parent company MORTRANS (Europe) Ltd will work with you, advising on port of exit from the United Kingdom to port of arrival dependant on the final destination within the Russian Federation for your cargo. At each significant part of the journey, collection of goods, name of vessel (if travelling by sea) and estimated time of arrival at nominated port, arrival at Customs in Russia, Customs clearance of goods, arrival at destination, you will receive an email confirming this occurrence as it happens.

As you are fully aware the Russian Federation is the largest country in the world, stretching from the Baltic Sea in the West to the Pacific Ocean in the East; therefore opting for the right entry port into Russia is critical. We offer a free consultancy service, to assist you in ensuring that your goods reach their final destination within Russia by using the most direct and cost effective routes.

Ecology is now becoming prominent in the transportation of goods and cargos and we work to the highest ecology standards and to this extent we can assist, or compile, your company ecology manifest.

Our years of experience, client-oriented team and the reliability of MORTRANS is at your service, to ensure your cargoes move safely, smoothly and be delivered on time and within budget.

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