The MORTRANS Group have an in-house ship-brokering capability and are therefore proficient in chartering vessels of any kind of tonnage:

  • sea or river going, general-purpose or specialized vessels;
  • heavy-lift carriers;
  • Ro-Ro;
  • dock-type;
  • tankers, LPG/LNG;
  • tugs, barges, pontoons;
  • floating cranes and all necessary equipment for handling of heavy-lift/ extra-size/project cargoes.

Our ship-brokering staff are able to find the tonnage fully corresponding to Customer/Cargo/Contract requirements and, what is even more important, they are able to make up charter-party terms in the manner fully protecting client’s legal interests.

As our client’s requesting this service are not normally experts in this highly tailored field of chartering we will offer optimum tonnage at an optimum price, taking in consideration nature of the cargo, the routing and all technical and commercial terms.


We also provide an air-freight service from most major airports internationally to final destination within the Russian Federation and FSU. Once again we shall make all relative arrangements, including carriage from point of departure all the way through to the final destination.


At times it may be commercially viable to utilise road vehicles to move freight into the Russian Federation and FSU; dependant on cargo and final destination.