The MORTRANS Group offer a full range of services for movements of unconventional and Project cargoes, including heavy lift, extra-size, dangerous and other offbeat cargoes that demand special care and treatment – both technical and commercial.

MORTRANS activities within the project area include but are not limited to:

    A brief description of MORTRANS professional activities:

  • execution of all necessary start-up works:
  • pre-shipment consultations on transport terms of sales contracts;
  • engineering preparations/drawings/technical calculations;
  • providing necessary approvals with Authorities;
  • selecting the optimum transport facility and their combination;
  • elaboration of lashing and loading schemes;
  • sea, river, air, road, railroad freights;
  • chartering of specialized transport units and equipment;
  • loading, lashing, welding work;
  • contracting 3rd parties;
  • security-staff, survey, insurance;
  • our specialists will provide you with any kind of consultation on project movements and calculations of transport budget.

Consultation with The MORTRANS Group will help to prevent arising problems and help solve any problems should they occur.